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Green Fairy At The Red Room


Thursday, November 3rd, Doors open at 9:30pm

Join us at our monthly showcase of absinthe tasting and entertainment, featuring a new brand of absinthe and a variety of risqué and bawdy performances each month, along with an edifying salon of what makes absinthe a unique and mysterious liqueur.

For tickets:

This month our sponsor is Zelda Magazine and Doc Herson’s Natural Spirits!

Mr. Kellfire Bray will guide you through the complexities of absinthe’s history and rituals.

With live hot jazz by pianist Chris Johnson and special guest Grace Gotham!

The dapper Holly H. Pot will greet you at the door:
$15 ($20 at the door) with Dress Code: suit and tie, cocktail attire
$10 ($15 at the door) with Suggested Attire: vintage (Jazz Age, for example), evening wear, unmentionables or intimate attire

Two drink minimum. Each paying guest will also be served a sample of Doc Herson’s absinthes.

The Red Room
85 E 4th St, New York

Zelda Magazine Presents: Absinthe: Divine spirit or Sinful Fiend?

The first of a new lecture series at Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum, sponsored by Zelda Magazine!


Absinthe: Divine spirit or Sinful Fiend? An Illustrated Lecture with Kellfire Desmond Bray
Sponsored by Zelda Magazine!
Date: Tuesday, October 11th
Time: 7pm
Admission: $8

Location: Morbid Anatomy Museum, 424 Third Avenue, 11215 Brooklyn
Tickets are available here:

Zelda Issue 14 is available for purchase!


Zelda Magazine is proud to announce that Zelda Issue 14 is available for purchase, just click on the “Purchase Zelda” page button above to buy it and all the Zelda issues!

Our interview with Michael Arenella, creator of the Dreamland Orchestra and The Jazz Age Lawn Party, will show you how he explores all aspects of Jazz Age culture in order to make his music. Peter Storey and Robert E. Tevis will guide you through film icons of the days of black and white, and you can celebrate the title of Miss Art Deco with Katherine Brookes!

Discover the speakeasy cabaret stylings of the Pacific Northwest with Portland’s Pink Lady. Along with our regular etiquette and advice columns from Grace Gotham and Mister Burton, you’ll learn about cocktails from Bryn Esplin, Depression era fashion from Laura Windley, and Jazz Age make up tips from Jessica Padilla

And our city feature is Miami, Florida, home of the first designated Art Deco District in the US. You’ll want Zelda as your guide to a visit to this historic spot!

As always, we have some pretty amazing sponsors, too. Click on the banners to the right and support all things Jazz Age, from then and now!

Our New Sponsors!

CraneBannerMorbidAnatomyThe latest issue of Zelda Magazine is headed to the printers and we have two great new sponsors, Crane Estate, hosting The Roaring Twenties Lawn Party presented by Boston Swing Central and the Trustees of Reservations and in partnership with the Greater Boston Vintage Society, July 31st, and Brooklyn’s Morbid Anatomy Museum, where patrons may purchase Zelda Magazine at the sales counter!

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Want to advertise in Zelda Magazine?

Want to advertise in Zelda Magazine?

We’re getting ready to put together the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Zelda Magazine, so get your ads in now! The deadline is March 15th!

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We at Zelda are proud to have sponsors who promote all things jazz age, whether it be merchandise and fashion, items of historical value, performance, or non-profit institutions like the various Art Deco Societies or the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum. Always creative with marketing, and catering to the jazz age community, a lot of the ad art in Zelda is as much part of the magazine as the articles and interviews.

For example, “I Desire Vintage Posters” used this artwork to style it’s latest ad in Zelda. You can buy the original from their online shop, just scroll down and click on their button to right of this page!

Zelda Issue 13 Is Available For Purchase!

That’s right! Zelda issue #13 is finally back from the printer and is available for purchase!

In this issue we conclude Jennifer Ann Redmond’s exploration of the world of animal actors of the silent cinema, re-discover the Straw Hat Riots of 1922, and appreciate what exotic fur represented to independent women. And our cover story for this issue is a review a classic 1935 Perry Mason film, “The Case of the Lucky Legs,” starring Warren William.

Spirits are big this season, and we mean booze! Bryn Esplin treats us with meszcal to “Tell Me Astoria,” and Kellfire Bray demystifies the world of absinthe.

Besides our features on recipes, advice, etiquette and all the latest jazz age styled events, we have an interview with the California Feetwarmers, an excerpt from the soon to be published book from Karie Bible and Mary Mallory, “Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays”and meet Miss Zelia Rose, a delight from Down Under.

Speaking of beauties of Australia, the city of Sydney has some wonderful history, and we take you on a tour of its deco art, jazz and nightlife!

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Don’t forget our sponsors!

Don’t forget our loyal advertisers, who have been helping us bring Zelda Magazine to you for seven years!

From now until the end of the year, Dover Publications is offering a discount to anyone who uses the code on their website link. Just scroll down the right side of this post to see their “Fashion and Costume Books” button to click!

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Advertisers! Contact us to advertise in the next issue of Zelda Magazine for Fall/Winter 2015!


We’re getting ready to put together the Fall/Winter 2015 issue of Zelda Magazine, so get your ads in now!The deadline is September 15th!

We offer a twenty percent discount for repeat sponsors!


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Due to a clerical error on the part of myself, as editor, the original article “From Farm to Fashion: The Story of Feedsack Cloth” by Laura Windley (read more of her work at Lindy Shopper) was left out of the print edition of Zelda Magazine Issue #12! This is not just unfortunate because of its omission, but because Ms. Windley’s article is terrifically informative and well written on a subject that has been too often ignored when discussing early 2oth Century lifestyle, fashion, and economics. She was asked to write about this specific subject, and it is a great benefit to readers of Zelda to be able to read it, so we will publish it here unedited on our “In This Issue Page” here:

“From Farm to Fashion: The Story of Feedsack Cloth” by Laura Windley

By mistake the article that was printed was from research that was accidently sent to our editor in place of Ms. Windley’s article. Very little has been written on the subject of fashion made from feedsacks, but the research that was printed, a fantastic blog piece by Judy Anne Breneman at “America’s Quilting History: Feed Sack Quilt History: Feedsacks, Frugal and Fun,” can be found here online:

I hope that this post is not only an apology for the error, but also that it acts to inform readers about the value and quality of feedsack cloth and fashions, and that you will be inspired to discover more of the writing of Laura Windley and Judy Anne Breneman.


Don at Zelda Magazine

Zelda Issue #12 is available now!

Zelda Magazine Issue 12 is now available to purchase online and in select outlets around the U.S.

Our cover story for this issue is the art of John Held Jr., one of the foremost illustrators of the Jazz Age. As a complement to this article we are showcasing the work of some of the artists who are keeping the style and illustration techniques of the Jazz Age alive and well today.

In addition to our regular columns on recipes and advice we welcome back Grace Gotham’s guide to etiquette and style, take you on a tour of Boston, show you how to make a great champagne cocktail, rediscover the almost-lost musicals of the Johnstone Brothers and introduce you to the animal actors of the Silent films.

We interview Dandy Wellington, vocalist and bandleader of his eponymous musical ensemble, and renowned for his sartorial ensembles. And speaking of sartorial, we’ve got the goods on the fashions of the past in articles about sack dresses and dating men’s fashions.

We interview beautiful burlesque artiste Musette Badeau, proprietor of the midwest’s Midnight Muse. And as usual, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we tempt and tantalize you with photos of events of the season.

Just lick on “Purchase Zelda” to get your copy of the newest issue and back issues as well!