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Issue 24 of Zelda Magazine is now available for purchase!


And we have news: After twelve years of publishing Zelda Magazine, this twenty fourth issue of Zelda is our first annual issue. This is a historic time as we seem to be in the final stages of the COVIID pandemic, and we have decided to publish Zelda annually.

Just as we came out of a pandemic a century ago, it will take time to adjust to a new way of normalcy. New technology and social attitudes have changed the way we can research and enjoy jazz age life, and we hope this magazine continues to encourage you to appreciate the best things of the past and look forward to the future. See friends, enjoy a vintage cocktail, and listen to some old jazz while you page through the articles in this issue.

We start with researcher and historian Garret Richard’s take on Trader Vic’s tropical tequila classic cocktail, El Diablo, followed by Eff’s Style Emporium’s review of the allure of that vintage summer fabric, Palm Beach Cloth. We have interviews with Jazz-Age-style singer Greg Poppleton and New York burlesque star Dandy Dillinger. We’ll catch up on the undertakings of Philadelphia bandleader, Drew Nugent and we’ll learn about the history of the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum.

We’ll learn from Queen Esther how influential accomplishments people of color have gone unacknowledged, and Mr. Burton will enlighten us about appreciating vintage style without vintage values. We’ll introduce you to the sites of jazz age arts and culture in Atlanta, Georgia, and our Recipe Box feature about the U. S. Department Of Agriculture’s Circular 109 from 1918, “Cottage Cheese Dishes,” appropriately shows how to enjoy tasty recipes in hard times, and with social activities returning, we are thrilled to showcase various Jazz Age and Prohibition-era events that our readers have attended in “On The Town.”

Lastly, please take a look at all our sponsors for activities, fashion, and other delights!

Cheers to all our readers!

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