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Zelda Magazine Issue 8 launches!

Zelda Magazine Issue Eight is now available to purchase online!

The newest issue of Zelda is out for Spring/Summer! You can buy it at select stores and events or purchase it online here. And to complete your collection, you can buy previous issues, too! This issue is full of all kinds of Jazz Age, Art Deco, Prohibition-era and other early 20th Century vintage articles on lifestyle, art, culture and events!




Zelda Issue 8 includes: BertWilliams, Flaming Youth Cocktail, Chicago: A Musical Nexus, The Cloche Trend, Style Guide For Men, Listening to Music 100 Years Ago, Tansy: NY’s Hollywood Starlet Jazz Cornets: The Stars of Tomorrow, Gotham Etiquette, Sage Advice with Mister Burton, Vintage City 101 – Chicago, On The Town, The Recipe Box!

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