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Zelda Issue #12 is available now!

Zelda Magazine Issue 12 is now available to purchase online and in select outlets around the U.S.

Our cover story for this issue is the art of John Held Jr., one of the foremost illustrators of the Jazz Age. As a complement to this article we are showcasing the work of some of the artists who are keeping the style and illustration techniques of the Jazz Age alive and well today.

In addition to our regular columns on recipes and advice we welcome back Grace Gotham’s guide to etiquette and style, take you on a tour of Boston, show you how to make a great champagne cocktail, rediscover the almost-lost musicals of the Johnstone Brothers and introduce you to the animal actors of the Silent films.

We interview Dandy Wellington, vocalist and bandleader of his eponymous musical ensemble, and renowned for his sartorial ensembles. And speaking of sartorial, we’ve got the goods on the fashions of the past in articles about sack dresses and dating men’s fashions.

We interview beautiful burlesque artiste Musette Badeau, proprietor of the midwest’s Midnight Muse. And as usual, since a picture is worth a thousand words, we tempt and tantalize you with photos of events of the season.

Just lick on “Purchase Zelda” to get your copy of the newest issue and back issues as well!


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