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Pre-Order Zelda Issue 26 for 2024!

Due to printer issues, the upcoming issue of Zelda Magazine will not ship until after the New Year. But you can pre-order it now!

In issue 26: FOX MOVIETONE NEWS COCKTAIL: Reviving a cocktail from Sloppy Joe’s; MAXWELL DEMILLE: Hollywood’s Pioneer Showman and Impresario; CARTER DEHAVEN AND FLORA PARKER: From Broadway to Hollywood; AMELIA FOXTROT: PHONOGRAPH DJ: An interview with Zelda Magazine; GARBAGE MINK: DOIN’ THE RACCOON: The Zelda Guide to Fashion; DORIAN DIETRICH: THE WEIMAR VAMP: The Zelda Magazine Interview; A BRIEF HISTORY OF MOTION PICTURE STILLS PHOTOGRAPHY: by Don Spiro; PAUL BRENNAN: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARCHIVES; The Zelda Interview By Jimmy Vargas; REDISCOVERING A BEST SELLING AUTHOR OF THE JAZZ AGE: URSULA PARROT, THE ORIGINAL EX WIFE; by Marsha Gordon; SAGE ADVICE: ASK MR. BURTON: Your burning questions answered by NYC’s favorite dandy!; VINTAGE CITY 101: BERLIN, GERMANY: Your Vintage Guide to The City of the Golden Twenties; THE RECIPE BOX: The Consolidated Library of Modern Cooking And Household Recipes; ON THE TOWN: Snapshots of This Year’s Vintage Nightlife and Events: Were you there?I

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