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Due to a clerical error on the part of myself, as editor, the original article “From Farm to Fashion: The Story of Feedsack Cloth” by Laura Windley (read more of her work at Lindy Shopper) was left out of the print edition of Zelda Magazine Issue #12! This is not just unfortunate because of its omission, but because Ms. Windley’s article is terrifically informative and well written on a subject that has been too often ignored when discussing early 2oth Century lifestyle, fashion, and economics. She was asked to write about this specific subject, and it is a great benefit to readers of Zelda to be able to read it, so we will publish it here unedited on our “In This Issue Page” here:

“From Farm to Fashion: The Story of Feedsack Cloth” by Laura Windley

By mistake the article that was printed was from research that was accidently sent to our editor in place of Ms. Windley’s article. Very little has been written on the subject of fashion made from feedsacks, but the research that was printed, a fantastic blog piece by Judy Anne Breneman at “America’s Quilting History: Feed Sack Quilt History: Feedsacks, Frugal and Fun,” can be found here online:

I hope that this post is not only an apology for the error, but also that it acts to inform readers about the value and quality of feedsack cloth and fashions, and that you will be inspired to discover more of the writing of Laura Windley and Judy Anne Breneman.


Don at Zelda Magazine

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