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Isda Master Agreement Local Business Day

The ISDA Master Agreement is a standard document used for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives transactions. It establishes the terms and conditions for both parties involved in the transaction, and is considered the industry standard for these types of agreements. One important factor to consider when dealing with this agreement is the definition of “Local Business Day.”

A Local Business Day is defined as a day on which banks are open for business in the jurisdiction where a party to the ISDA Master Agreement is located. This means that if one party is located in New York and the other in London, their Local Business Days may differ due to time zone differences and holidays observed in each location. Therefore, it is important for both parties to clearly define and agree upon what they consider to be their respective Local Business Days.

The definition of Local Business Day is important because it determines key dates in the ISDA Master Agreement. For example, a payment due under the agreement may be due on the Local Business Day of the party making the payment. If the parties have different Local Business Days, it could potentially cause issues with timing and execution of payments and other obligations.

Another important consideration is the use of different calendars. For example, Western and Islamic countries use different calendars, which could potentially cause confusion when determining Local Business Days. Parties should agree upon which calendar they will use for the purposes of the ISDA Master Agreement.

Overall, it is vital for parties to consider and agree upon the definition of Local Business Day when entering into an ISDA Master Agreement. This will ensure that the agreement is executed smoothly and efficiently, without any issues regarding timing or obligations. As always, consulting with legal and financial experts is recommended to ensure full compliance and understanding of the agreement.

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