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What Was the Purpose of the 1907 Gentlemen`s Agreement between the United States and Japan Quizlet

The 1907 gentlemen`s agreement between the United States and Japan was a significant diplomatic agreement that aimed to address the rising tension between the two countries during the early twentieth century. The agreement focused on limiting Japanese immigration to the United States, which had become a contentious issue for American policymakers.

At the time, the United States was undergoing rapid industrialization, and many Americans believed that the influx of Japanese immigrants threatened their economic prospects. Furthermore, the rise of Japanese imperialism in Asia had sparked fears that Japan was attempting to expand its influence in North America.

In response to these concerns, President Theodore Roosevelt brokered the 1907 agreement with the Japanese government. The agreement stipulated that Japan would stop issuing passports to laborers seeking to immigrate to the United States. In exchange, the United States agreed to recognize the rights of Japanese immigrants already residing in the country and to allow their family members to join them.

The gentlemen`s agreement was not a formal treaty, nor was it legally binding. However, it did have a significant impact on Japanese immigration to the United States. The Japanese government worked to uphold its end of the agreement, and the number of Japanese immigrants entering the country declined dramatically.

The agreement was not without controversy, however. Many Japanese-Americans and their allies in the United States criticized the agreement as a discriminatory policy that targeted their community. Some also pointed out that the agreement did not address the broader issue of racism and xenophobia in the United States.

In conclusion, the purpose of the 1907 gentlemen`s agreement between the United States and Japan was to ease tensions between the two countries and address concerns about Japanese immigration to the United States. While the agreement did help to reduce the number of Japanese immigrants, it also highlighted ongoing issues of discrimination and prejudice in American society.

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