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Afghan Contract Dogs

Afghan Contract Dogs: The Unsung Canine Heroes

Afghanistan is a country that has been ravaged by war for decades. In the midst of all the chaos and destruction, there are some unsung heroes that have been contributing to the safety and well-being of not just the troops but also the Afghan people. These are the Afghan contract dogs.

Afghan contract dogs, also known as Afghan hounds, are a breed of dogs that are native to Afghanistan. These dogs are large and muscular with long, silky hair. In the past, Afghan hounds were often kept as a symbol of wealth and status by Afghan aristocrats. However, during the war, these dogs became valuable assets for the troops serving in Afghanistan.

These dogs are highly trained to work as explosive detection dogs. They are trained to detect IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and other explosive materials. This is an extremely risky and crucial job as it helps to prevent the loss of life and property. Their ability to detect explosives has saved countless lives of both American soldiers and Afghan civilians.

Afghan hounds are not just limited to working with the American military. They are also utilized by the Afghan National Police and other security agencies. In fact, the use of these dogs has become so essential that the Afghan government has established a breeding program to ensure a steady supply of these dogs.

Despite the valuable contribution these dogs make, they often remain overlooked and underappreciated. While the troops receive medals and recognition for their service, the dogs that risk their lives and perform such a vital role are often forgotten. There are numerous cases where these dogs have saved lives, and yet their contribution is not always acknowledged.

Another issue is the safety of the dogs. The dogs that work in Afghanistan are often exposed to extreme heat, harsh terrain, and dangerous situations. They work in high-stress environments, and their training can be grueling. Despite the risks they take and the conditions they work in, their safety is not always assured. Not all of these dogs are guaranteed to make it back home safe.

In conclusion, Afghan contract dogs are vital assets that contribute to the safety and well-being of troops, Afghan civilians, and the country as a whole. These dogs risk their lives to perform their duties, and their contribution deserves appreciation and recognition. It is important that people acknowledge their service and ensure their safety. These unsung heroes deserve our gratitude and respect.

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